2018 AIAS Forum Recap

Recently, our retail architects attended the 2018 AIAS Forum. This is an annual event held during winter break for architecture students to get together, meet with architecture firms, learn from leaders & AIAS sponsors, and discuss issues relevant to architecture and design education. As a Design Alliance Sponsor, we spent the forum meeting aspiring architects and talking to them about the future of architecture.

“It was great being back at Forum as a professional,” said Sarah Ramey, intern architect at SGA. “I had attended a couple of times as a student, but I now definitely have a different outlook on architecture. Being surrounded by the next generation of enthusiastic architects helps you gain insight into what they are passionate about and provides an exciting glance at where our profession may be headed in the future. I really enjoyed working with Daryl Bray, SGA COO and Principal, to help explain what they could expect after graduation and how important it is to find a firm that truly wants to help you grow.  I was grateful to have the opportunity to share my experiences working in the real world as well as how much SGA has supported my professional and personal growth.”

It was a great time spent with architecture students talking about retail architecture, our firm and our culture. We enjoyed talking to so many young people about the future of architecture and look forward to attending the event in the future.