2018 ICSC RECon Wind Up

Last month, our retail architects attended the Global Retail Real Estate Convention (RECon) in Las Vegas, NV. As the world’s largest meeting of retail real estate professionals, RECon is a great way for those in our industry to share ideas, network and take part in workshops.

Engaging in this year’s event allowed us to enjoy a wide variety of session topics, like “Online to Offline: Digitally Native Brands and Their Expansion Into Brick-and-Mortar” and “Retail and E-Commerce in the Post-Department Store Era.” In addition, conference attendees enjoyed keynote presentations and awards ceremonies, as well as a series on concepts the Washington Post dubbed “the future of retail.” Daryl Bray, SGA’s COO, said “the energy and activity on display at RECon is proof that today’s retail landscape is evolving and still very robust. We were fortunate to meet with several retailers and developers looking to expand or, in some cases, reimagine their physical spaces to better connect with customer’s demands for convenience and experience.”

A massive industry event, RECon helps industry professionals, like retail architects, connect and grow business. With over 37,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors, the three day event offers endless opportunities to make meaningful connections. SGA is a proud member of the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), the organization behind RECon and numerous other industry-related events. We look forward to continuing our participation in ICSC activities in the years to come.