SGA Included in 2018 AIA Eastern Oklahoma Firm Membership Recognition Program

At SGA, our people make the difference. We are proud to announce that we have been recognized as part of AIA Eastern Oklahoma’s Firm Membership Recognition Program. The program acknowledges architecture firms that go above and beyond to support their staff and AIA in the region.

In order to be listed as a member of the recognition program, at least 60% of a firm’s licensed architects must be part of AIA, and a minimum of 40% of intern architects must be associate members. At SGA, we actively encourage participation in professional organizations like AIA, and that’s why 100% of SGA’s architects and intern architects hold memberships or associate memberships with AIA.  Member firms are recognized at AIA Eastern Oklahoma’s annual Membership Appreciation Party.

As a leading architecture firm, we are constantly identifying ways to better support the professionals that make our company unique and exceptional.  Being an AIA Eastern Oklahoma Member Firm is another career benefit that better connects architects with the global community of industry professionals. SGA is an established leader in national building programs, prototype development, architectural forensic analysis and sustainable design.  With over 3,500 completed projects nationwide, our team works closely with the biggest retail & health and wellness brands in the country to bring plans to fruition