Permitting Strategies for Success

When it comes to obtaining permits in the world of retail architecture, it takes special knowledge, experience, planning and strategy to cut through the red tape.  Here are three initiatives we frequently take on behalf of our clients to create value.

  1. Request an Expedited Review

With retail architecture projects, there is almost always a need to move swiftly. An expedited review by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) can reduce the time between submittal and permit approval, thus allowing a faster start to construction. Our team of retail architects vet every project aspect to see if it’s possible to accelerate the permit process with an expedited review.

  1. Pull Separate Permits

An important way we create value for our retail architecture clients is to get the ball rolling quickly. A powerful kick-off tactic we frequently employ is to work with the client and contractor to pull separate permits. For example, we often request the AHJ to approve grading permits or foundation permits ahead of the full building permit. This allows the contractor to start work while the rest of the permit review is still underway.

  1. Face-to-Face Meetings

Our commitment to to building relationships includes having face-to-face permit strategy meetings with the AHJ whenever possible. An in-person meeting with local code officials to discuss the project, uncover unique requirements, and determine an anticipated schedule can be the key to a successful and timely permit plan review. Meeting with the plans examiner in person can also be extremely  beneficial because it often eliminates several rounds of comments and responses — which potentially shortens the overall schedule.


These are just a few examples of how our retail architects and staff go above and beyond to serve our clients and allow them to open their doors more quickly.