Talking Stewardship with SGA Vice President Chris Young

Chris Young

This month we sat down with Chris Young, Vice President of SGA Design Group, and talked stewardship, retail architecture and design, and coffee. Chris is a LEED Accredited Professional, a member of the American Institute of Architects, NCARB certified, and a licensed architect in multiple states across the country.

1.Describe your approach to stewardship as it pertains to leadership.

Stewardship is a filter thru which I try to view all aspects of my life, including leadership.  Thru the lens of stewardship, I am reminded of my responsibility to optimize outcomes, with efficient means.  The stewardship lens helps me to see the many facets of a situation that are more complex than they initially appear.  This helps me think thru counter points, cost and value that may result in a better decision or action than if I had not focused on the bigger picture and the greater good.  This can be beneficial when dealing with strategy, capital commitments, even relationships.

2. What does that mean for SGA?

At SGA this means we have a responsibility to each other, and when we look after each other’s interests, it lifts the value of the whole.  We need to inspire and encourage each other to achieve our highest potential.

3. How does stewardship in leadership bring value to SGA’s retail architecture clients?

Stewardship in leadership brings value to our clients because the focus of stewardship is all about responsibility for value.  We are passionate about strengthening our client’s businesses and making a positive difference for each relationship.  A culture of stewardship drives us to be mindful of the owner’s capital, providing efficient and cost effective design solutions that take into account performance, durability and ROI, benefiting our clients directly.

4. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Parented teenagers.

5. Do you have any secret skills?

Pour-over coffee (yes, it’s a skill).