Our goal is client satisfaction through partnership. We believe in listening to and understanding our clients’ needs and consistently exceeding their expectations. As a top architecture firm, this means being more than technically competent, it means we continually strive to proactively anticipate our client’s needs every step of the way.

This attention to detail and desire for client satisfaction is reflected in the work we do every day. Our processes are based on this philosophy, because it works. Our clients work with us because of this philosophy, and they stay with us because of our ability to deliver it. Our architecture firm takes great pride and satisfaction in celebrating our clients’ successes – the achievements of our clients are how we know we’ve done our job.

For 27 years, SGA has worked on thousands of projects nationwide, including retail rollouts, convenience/fueling, health and wellness facilities, restaurants, and more. We’ve worked in countless different jurisdictions, serving many different types of businesses. Our clients know they can rely on us to deliver consistent, professional, quality results.

Our partnerships extend far beyond architectural services – we’ve been integral in pioneering the architectural prototype design model, and we excel at designing, implementing and maintaining national rollout architecture programs. SGA has extensive knowledge relating to each step in the process of getting your doors open.

We know our clients expect excellent service with quick turnaround time and reliable results, all with exceptional value. We believe in frequent communication to keep our clients informed of our progress, as well as to avoid surprises. To do this, we’ve created a team dedicated to proactive problem solving and managing complex schedules.

Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients is one of our architecture firm’s most important goals, and we know that providing excellent customer service is key to making that happen. Let us help you make your opening grand.