Technology in Architecture: One Way We Cut Costs and Save Time For Clients

At SGA, our team is involved in projects including prototypical architecture for rollouts, retail design, and much more . With such a wide variety of applications, we are constantly looking for ways to leverage emerging technologies for our clients. Today, drones provide architects with a myriad of capabilities that aid in planning and design when it comes to retail architecture.

One way we’ve used drones in our practice of architecture is to capture aerial views to create realistic renderings of how buildings will work on a site.  This helps our clients visualize how the building and site work together, while providing the opportunity to identify potential problem areas so that changes can be made prior to the start of construction. Previously, the best way to capture aerial imagery was through the use of manned aircraft, such as airplanes and helicopters. Today, drones offer versatility, lower costs and efficiency.

From site selection to building orientation and traffic flow studies, we are always assessing how drones and other technology can save time and money for our clients, while providing them with a unique service.