Environmental Stewardship: Going Beyond Sustainable Architecture

Though it may not seem immediately apparent, we share a common mission with our local partner, Up With Trees —  a foundation committed to urban forestry efforts in Tulsa. As a sustainable architecture firm dedicated to energy efficiency solutions, we believe that a core responsibility in our practice of architecture is to be good stewards of the environment. This philosophy falls in line with Up With Trees’ mission to promote the health of the natural environment.

SGA partnered with Up With Trees in 2014 when we adopted a tree site on the Broken Arrow Expressway near the Cincinnati exit and planted five crape myrtles. Our architecture firm’s headquarters is located in close proximity to the tree site, so many of us drive past it every day on our way into work. It’s a point of pride to know that we’ve contributed in some small way to making Tulsa a better place to live and work.

Our retail architects work with companies across the country on a wide variety of sustainable architecture projects. Here at home, partnering with Up With Trees to plant and promote Tulsa’s urban forest is a great way for us to create a positive impact.