3 Takeaways from 2018 Entertainment Evolution Experience

Our retail architects recently attended the 2018 Entertainment Evolution Experience conference in Santa Monica, California. The conference attracts restaurateurs, entertainment operators and retailers to discuss today’s evolving retail physical location environments. These are reflections on just a few of the topics covered.

Customer Experience: Retail Design, Branding, Architecture and Service 

Design and visualization is more important than ever. As retail architects and designers, we understand the importance of core branding and how good retail architecture supports a brand. However, a negative customer experience can forever overshadow even the most stunning retail architecture.


New Technology, New Shopping Experience

New technologies are rapidly changing the shopping experience, making it easier than ever to order items online. To build a truly successful omni-channel presence serving a diverse customer base, retailers must also incorporate new technology in brick and mortar locations.


Shopping and “Car Hotels”

Driverless cars, future rideshare programs, and other advances will necessitate storage and charging facilities for vehicles. We anticipate a future relationship between these “car hotels” and retail design and architecture.


Entertainment Experience Evolution is hosted by Shopping Center Business, the leading magazine for the retail industry in the United States.