Remodel & Reimaging

Remodel and reimaging projects are becoming more and more common – and fortunately our architecture firm has extensive experience in this area.

Instead of breaking ground for new construction, it might be more feasible – or even necessary – to remodel or take over an existing building. Our comprehensive portfolio in this area speaks for itself – we excel at the process of combining our client’s needs with the realities of working with an existing space. Our experience with remodels and takeovers is the reason why our clients place their trust in us to get the project planned, implemented and completed.

Expansions and Takeovers

Whether you’re taking over an existing building or expanding a current location, working with an existing building can present a very unique set of challenges. Our architecture firm will work with you every step of the way to see you through from concept to completion. Our main goal is to meet and exceed your expectations during this process, so you know we’ll go above and beyond to make sure your project goes smoothly.

Existing Conditions Survey

As part of our process, our architecture firm sends a team of experts to the existing site to evaluate existing conditions. This is extremely important – it’s the basis for the rest of the project. Our staff is diverse and experienced, and you’ll receive a detailed, complete set of recommendations before the project is started – you’ll start out knowing what to expect through every phase.


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