Architectural Design

SGA provides expertise you can count on when it comes to turning your vision into a reality. We have decades of experience offering assistance to our clients with all aspects of the planning, design, and visualization stages.


Our architecture firm helps our clients determine what their objectives are for each project. This might mean determining the most appropriate way to orient a building on a site, or it could extend to assisting with site selection based on criteria such as visibility, frontage and traffic patterns. We’ll help make sure that all aspects of the project are considered thoroughly throughout the planning stage.

Programming / Concept Design

When it comes to determining the conceptual design of a building, we always make sure we’re designing for our clients’ specific needs, which sometimes means “less is more” – we don’t add any features that aren’t consistent with goals and budget for the project at hand. We simply make sure we listen carefully and work diligently so that the finished design is a true representation of your brand and your concept.

Visualization / Architectural Illustration

Our visualization and architectural illustration process provides our clients with more than just a sketch of their building. We can provide a complete overview of the project – including virtual walk-throughs and fly-bys. We help our clients step through the municipal review processes to receive the necessary approvals for the project and help get plans approved and underway as quickly as possible.

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