Education and Networking Opportunities Shine at #FileMakerDevCon 2018

When it comes to organizing projects, plans, people and more, FileMaker plays a vital role for businesses across the globe. For our retail architecture firm, attending the annual FileMaker Developer Conference is a great way for us to connect with nearly 1,500 developers. Whether it’s beginner, intermediate or advanced training, the #FileMakerDevCon offers developers of all levels an opportunity to expand skill sets and learn problem-solving strategies to better avoid development setbacks.

Jessica Reitz, Database Administrator at SGA, attended this year’s conference in Dallas and said the experience was second to none. Reitz explained, “Devcon provides an experience that in-house developers like myself cannot get anywhere else: quality time with peers and classes led by a small elite group of industry experts.”

When it came to meeting others, Reitz said, “This year’s conference center was perfect for on-site networking. I even met a few professionals from Tulsa, and we will have our first local users’ group kickoff meeting later this month.” She continued, “It is exhilarating to witness real-world examples of the possibilities that can be achieved with the cutting edge technologies now available to us, and inspiring to see the tremendous amount of good developers and FileMaker are doing worldwide.”

From prototypical architecture to health and wellness design and sustainable retail architecture projects, the FileMaker platform plays an essential role in our organization, projects and planning. That’s why we value the importance of this conference since it provides an opportunity to learn, grow and connect with others.