Licensing Advisors Adapt to COVID-19

As with most things in 2020, the way that architecture firms support their licensure candidates has evolved this year. Creative solutions were unveiled at NCARB’s remote 2020 Licensing Advisors Summit held October 26th – 31st. The majority of the discussion was centered around online test proctoring that will commence mid-December and new employee mentoring software.

Jeff Dalton, Senior Associate, represented SGA at this year’s Summit and relayed that “NCARB truly continues to adapt in these ever-changing times by providing the necessary resources for licensure candidates and our emerging professionals to succeed.” He added “the amount of data and information being shared is impressive and appreciated; it really provides transparency and empowers Licensing Advisors and Supervisors to provide support as needed.”

SGA always strives to support their licensure candidates and this conference is just another way we can collaborate with licensing advisors all over the country and explore additional innovative ideas. For example, we are in the process of designating conference rooms within our offices for candidates to potentially test online as desired.

Today’s emerging professionals will eventually be the leaders of our firms, so we know that the work we do now to develop their skills and careers will soon prove well worth the investment.