SGA supports EAA and STEM Program at Local High Schools

SGA Design Group continues to look to the future of our profession and to our communities. For the last two years, SGA has participated with The Engineers Alliance for the Arts (EAA) to provide onsite mentorship at local high schools. EAA is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire and educate students about the interaction of art, architecture, engineering and construction. Students are given an opportunity to work with a design professional inside the classroom to learn a wide variety of skills. The Student Impact Project is a 10-week program where Engineers and Architects work with teams of high school students to build a bridge model. The program closes with a competition where the teams are judged on aesthetics, structural design, efficiency of the bridge, a written essay and an oral presentation of their design. It has been rewarding to watch these students work together as teams to create successful, unified designs.