Retail Architecture

At SGA Design Group, we’ve made it a priority to prove ourselves as one of the leading national retail architects. Over the years, we’ve developed prototypes and / or site adaptation projects for over 50 national programs. We’re constantly working to perfect the rollout process so that we can get our clients’ doors open on time and on budget, all while exceeding expectations.

In addition to our expertise with ground-up facilities, our firm also has a notable track record with designing successful take-over and remodel projects all across the country. These projects have unique needs and we recognize the importance of being innovative with our design approach and staying current with changes to local and national regulations.

Our extensive knowledge base as well as our commitment to customer service has allowed us to build lasting, loyal relationships with our clients, many of whom are national leaders in the retail sector.

Over the years, we’ve provided value in areas such as branding, sustainability, prototype development and maintenance, site-adapt rollout, and technology solutions.

Whether you’re looking to expand by 1 or 100 stores, SGA Design Group can help deliver value for both you and your customers.


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